Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Farewell to the Palm Beach Zoo -- hello to a new career adventure!

Two years ago today, I began my journey in a field I never thought I would work in-- at a zoological society! Since then, I've been called "the Zoo Lady" by people who know that I work at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. I have loved being the Media Relations Manager, AKA the public spokesperson for the Zoo.

My first day on the job! We've changed our logo since then-- actually, a lot has changed

I remember how confused I felt when I would wander around the Zoo-- and how I actually got lost with a reporter my first week on the job when I was trying to take her to the Wildlife Carousel! Obviously I have memorized the Zoo map since then.

My job duties range from writing press releases and pitching media to taking photos of special events. Since we are a non-profit organization, we all wear many hats. 

One of my most fun duties is taking photos and video of our animals. If you see an animal photo on the Zoo's FacebookTwitter or Instagram, I took it (unless I give a photo courtesy, then obviously it was taken by someone else). Here are some of my favorite animal photos I have taken below...

I'm partial to the primates like the capuchins, because they're so fun and active

Russell the peacock was named after the son in the Pixar movie "Up"

You can meet Oz the Queensland koala in the Zoo's Koala Experience

The Zoo has four adult Malayan tigers on grounds-- they are highly endangered, with only an estimated 250 left in the wild

The four ring-tailed lemur brothers, Herbie, Avery, Milo and Otis are always leaping around because they're so young and energetic! This type of lemur is like King Julian from the Dreamworks movie Madagascar

There are tons of perks of working at a zoo, such as getting to hang out with awesome zookeepers who are way more knowledgeable about animals than I am. For instance, this past weekend I worked with local media as they covered our howler monkey habitat renovation. At one point, the mother howler monkey was bouncing up and down on her branch as a Palm Beach Post photographer was trying to take her picture. I was like, "Awe, she likes you," and the associate curator was like, "Nope, that's some serious aggression." This is why I am not a zookeeper!

I may not be an animal expert, but I sure do love them critters! ;) Like Wilbur here, one of our Hoffman's two-toed sloths!

"Oh, ya know, just FEEDING A BEAR is all! How's YOUR workday coming along?!"

It took me a month to pass the tests and get certified to be able to hold this turtle. This is not a joke. The Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which means we hold to the highest standards of animal well-being and safety. We don't play, even with a turtle!

It's been a fun part of my job that I still get to hang out with my former WPTV coworker and friend Ashleigh Walters plus meteorologist Tyler Mauldin. Animal Trainer Sara Travis brings a cool animal (like Goose the scarlet macaw, pictured here) on television once a month and I stand there and smile :) 'Cuz I'm not cool since I'm not holding an animal, LOL!

I love love love love Noto, the allegedly 88-year-old giant Aldabra tortoise! You can meet him and his big ol' friends in the Aldabra Tortoise Experience

The Zoo earns more than a million dollars in one night during our annual gala-- I had to do tons of publicity leading up to it, and that was a BEAST (although not in the animal sense) learning how to do society PR!

There have been some high points in media, like this May we were featured on the National Geographic channel and TLC. We've also been in the Women's World magazine twice, and the Associated Press has picked us up a bunch of times. We have had a surprising amount of national and international publicity! I am so grateful for all the amazing media hits in the past two years, and I am both proud and humbled that I had some small part in that.

I was proud to represent the Zoo on the national SmartCar website for our Carbon Fuel Reduction Initiative! We encourage employees to carpool or take alternative transportation like biking or a bus to work to save fuel emissions. We are all about conservation and saving the planet, y'all.  :)  This photo was taken in our Cornell Tropics of the Americas section! Yes, I totally drove my car inside the Zoo. It fit easily, as you can see.

I try not to "toot my own horn," because my role is to gain coverage for the Zoo -- not myself. Although I'm the go-to person for media coverage, I know that I am the last person a news reporter wants to interview-- they want the zookeeper who worked directly with the animal we are covering! So I have tried to shine the spotlight on the hardworking and deserving staff members who make the magic happen. That means I don't courtesy those photos I take, because my philosophy is that they belong to the Zoo.

It ain't about me, it's about the Zoo!

Since I'm leaving, though, I'm like, "Hey! I did that!" I do feel pride that I have seen the fruits of my labors get the Zoo positive publicity.  :)  It's a good thing!

Now, as I embark on a new journey, it is with mixed emotions that I begin my last days and say farewell to the Palm Beach Zoo. The good news is that I will still have the opportunity to promote the Zoo on an even larger scale-- because I will be the new Public Relations Manager for Discover the Palm Beaches!!! It is the official tourism marketing organization for Palm Beach County. Tourism is the county's number one industry, and I already consider myself as part of their team-- because I have been promoting Florida since I first moved here four years ago!

So be prepared to see even more beach photos on my personal Instagram and Twitter because I'll be ALL about letting everyone know why Palm Beach County is the best place on earth to live, work and play! The slogan is "The Best of Everything," and I truly, 100% believe that.

But there is a small part of me that will be sad that I won't get to hear the distinctive siamang calls anymore-- that always made me feel like I was working in a jungle. The best part of my job was feeling like I was truly helping the animals. Even though I may not be the one directly training them, by being able to tell their unique stories, I was bringing their issues to light!

 Nabalam, the 20-year-old matriarch jaguar -- it took me a very hot hour of waiting for her to walk in order to get this photo!

When I interviewed at DTPB, I was asked, "Why are you looking to leave the Zoo? You light up when you speak about it," because I had been bragging about how our Kimelman tiger habitat doubled in size and how our flamingo pathway expanded, etc. etc. etc. If you haven't been to the Zoo in the past six months, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much it has improved and upgraded!

"Why you wanna leave me?!"  #FennecFox #GuiltTrip

The main reason why I am choosing to leave the Zoo is because this new role is an opportunity I just couldn't overlook. These jobs are rare, and it is definitely a professional step up for me. 

So I am only sharing these next facts because I predict I am going to get a lot of "Can I have your job?" messages from news friends (because I have been getting those messages for two years now, LOL!) -- and keep in mind this is not a bad thing, it just "is what it is" when you work in PR-- another reason I am choosing to leave is because I work a lot of weekends. I mean, a LOT. 

It's not like this is some big secret, because if you saw my monkey video on TV or read my name in print in that article, then you could tell I worked those days to make it happen.  :)  Sorry if you were hoping this article would be a "tell all" type of blog-- not gonna happen, I love the Zoo too much, haha!

That howler monkey story? I shot and edited a VOSOT for it on Saturday, which took a couple of hours. Then on Sunday, I'm playing organ for the prelude of a church service in Boynton Beach where I'm currently substituting, and my phone starts blowing up with texts from the Palm Beach Post reporter who suddenly got assigned to cover the howlers! Guess what? I had to go back in to the Zoo. And I have to work again this weekend to take fresh photos of our Food Truck Safari. So as of this Saturday, I will have worked 13 days in a row. Par for the course in this role-- you do what you have to do to make sure you get media coverage. I literally sleep with my phone by my head in case Wilma the mama gator ever decides to go for a midnight stroll again.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

I do not say all of this to complain. It is a labor of love, and a true PRIVILEGE to do what I have been able to do for the Zoo-- tell its stories to entice the public to visit and support animal care and conservation. Although I am leaving, I still intend to be an advocate for the Zoo "from the outside in" and continue to fight to gain it more publicity and attention.  :)  It's a bittersweet feeling, but I am optimistic that I will still be helping the Zoo-- this time, on a global scale!

Thanks for the #ZooLove


  1. Girl, you're doing an amazing job! I'm proud to say I know you <3

    (And I still remember you skating down the media halls at ULM lol)

    1. Thank you so much, and you just put a huge smile on my face!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Constance! I wish there were a way for us to cross markets and work together somehow, LOL!

  3. I still miss you on channel 10 news in Monroe, LA after all these years- but I am delighted for you in your new position! Sounds like a "dream" job for sure! Congrats and Good Luck! Jolene Brown (Lake Providence, LA)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jolene!!

  4. congrats on your new job... life is always about the next adventure!

  5. Congrats, Angela, I know you'll do great in whatever you do!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the support, Julia!

  6. Wow - I am so glad I found you through a reply you left on MommyinSports' blog! Good luck on your new venture. I LOVE the Palm Beach Zoo - and I can't wait to see what exciting adventures lie ahead for you! I have four boys - so we practically live at that zoo - and I always get lost trying to find the carousel too! (You can find me at