Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The high life - flying first class for the first time!

My social media friends are probably ready to punch me because I just posted this selfie... But please forgive my excitement, it's my first time to ever fly first class! #DeltaAirlinesFan

These are lie-flat seats, and they come with "heavenly comfort Westin bedding." You even get a cute little Tumi amenities bag with toiletries!

I'm going to wrap myself in plushness and sleep this 7-hour flight to Amsterdam-- if I can stop watching movies long enough! Delta Airlines has the BEST in-flight entertainment, and that's the truth.

Got some ginger to ward off any motion sickness... accompany some fancy eats! Filet mignon and buttermilk ice cream, anyone? So swank! THE DIET IS OFF, PEOPLE!

See y'all in Europe!  :)

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