Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Best purse EVER for travel!

Purses are not typically a big splurge item for me. I've gone years between buying purses, especially since I tend to receive beautiful hand-me-down bags from my mom or other relatives. But when I saw an amazing purse from Lo & Sons, I freaked out -- and HAD to have it!

Everybody, meet my new baby, the O.M.G. bag! It stands for "Overnight & Medium Gym bag," not "oh my gosh what a beautiful bag," haha.  :)  I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my purchase. If you want a bag that does it all, this is IT.

There are two main reasons why I purchased this bag:

1. It has a convenient zipper side that opens on the top and bottom, allowing it to slide over your luggage carryon's handle. Now that my husband is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, I've been on 16 flights in three months. I'm actually typing this blog on my phone as I wait in a plane to NYC, with a final destination of Amsterdam! 

So I really hate it when I'm running through an airport, and my purse is falling off the top of my rolling luggage. This eliminates that problem. This purse is SO coming with me to Europe! Look at my bag, all cute and travel-friendly in the Palm Beach International Airport this morning. It's secured on the handle, so it won't fall off!!

2.  It has a padded laptop compartment! So convenient for travel. It fits up to a 13-inch computer.

Some bonus features-- it has a detachable strap that makes it great for wearing it as a messenger bag, and a side-pocket internal key strap that secures your keys. I also like that the nylon material is water-resistant, and I feel super-organized with a spot for everything inside this bag!

FYI-- the company is having a 20% off sale! Get one now while it's hot!!!

Have you ever purchased a purse that you loved this much? What made it so unique? Comment below!


  1. I love a good purse.. I will have to check this one out.. I am a big purse fan! :)

  2. Nice! I have a "Handbag of Holding" from ThinkGeek which I've been liking for travel. The version I have has no overall zipper so I don't put anything valuable in the pockets people could reach in, but there are lots of interior pockets. I mainly love it because the middle pocket (which does zip) is slightly padded and big enough to hold my DSLR so I don't have to carry a separate camera bag. One of these days I plan to do a post on it.

    1. I totally want to see that post with your review! Going to google this bag right now out of curiosity.