Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tips for stand-by flying

In the past three months that my husband has been a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, I have taken 16 flights. I've learned that standby flying can be a blessing (it's free!) and a curse (you may not make it where you want to go).

Here's what I wish I had known when I first began flying standby:

1. Do not attempt to fly overseas on a summer weekend. This is when everyone is trying to fly! The likelihood that you will make it on your flight is dramatically reduced. I'm supposed to be flying back from Germany right now. Instead, I'm flying back from Louisiana. Which brings me to... 

2. Remain flexible and have a back-up plan. I was so overly confident I would make it to Germany, that I had no idea what to do next when the flight I wanted was completely full. Thankfully I had bumped into my college best friend when we were both at the Atlanta airport, and that inspired me to follow him to my Louisiana hometown.

3. Only pack a carry-on. Never ever ever ever check a bag when you fly stand-by! Who cares that it's free to check a bag when your bag is stuck where you had a layover and you landed in your final destination?! So inconvenient. Pack light, bring only your essentials and carry it on.

At least this Delta flight serves Starbucks! And it has wifi! And I'm in Economy Comfort Plus! No complaints here. :)

Have you ever been stuck somewhere because your flight didn't make it? Comment below!


  1. I've never tried to fly standby, but it sounds like a great deal if you can be flexible. The only flight I ever checked a bag on was the international one I took when we moved. Other than that, I always do a carry on. Since most airlines let you do that +1 thing I can get everything I really need in a carryon and some kind of purse or backpack.

    1. You're right, it's all about packing light!