Thursday, September 3, 2015

3 reasons why I deleted Periscope -- and it felt GREAT!

Just on the off-chance that you haven't heard of Periscope, it's an app owned by Twitter that lets you broadcast live to the world through your cell phone. I had heard about the app earlier this year, while I was crossing my fingers that it was not one more social media tool I would have to master for my previous job as the Media Relations Manager at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. Since I handled all their social media, it really put a damper on my desire to do my OWN social media, and the thought of another platform was just TOO MUCH for me at the time.
Broadcast live from your phone on Periscope
I remembered hearing that Lion Country Safari's Marketing Director was broadcasting a lot of their animals live. My previous boss at the Zoo was like, "You would enjoy promoting the Zoo through Periscope, because you have experience reporting live." I immediately responded with a firm, "No thanks! I have too much to do, keeping up with and creating all the content for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram." 
Photo from Periscope
But here's the thing-- I DO have a lot of experience reporting live from back in my news days. I enjoyed liveshots, even when it had me out in less-than-desirable spots...
Got a lot of sympathy for this one -- and it was one of my final live shots!
So when I finally tried Periscoping (or "Scoping"), I was HOOKED. I mean, really hooked -- so much so, that my battery drained down to 15% every time I would broadcast, LOL! Note: the app really does drain your juice quickly, so I recommend a Mophie or a portable juicepack so your phone doesn't die mid-Scope.

Within 20 days, I did 80 Periscope broadcasts and garnered more than 50,000 hearts. Those are kinda like "likes," and you can get unlimited hearts from viewers of your Scopes.
I even bought a Joto Universal waterproof case... yep, this link to the product is my Amazon affiliate link...

...just so I could Scope live while I was snorkeling my favorite place, the snorkel trail at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach. That got a ton of positive reactions!
I also bought a cool set of clip-on lenses...

 ...that give you a wider perspective. I only used them in one scope at Palm Beach, but I have had fun taking photos with them.

My Palm Beach photo! This, and Singer Island, were my favorite places to Scope

So, you may be wondering WHY did I delete the app from my phone? Let me count the ways:

1. I was getting notifications like crazy from people that I follow who would Scope. After your phone buzzes 6 times in 10 minutes during a business meeting, people start giving you the "eye." It got annoying, especially when it was a Scope labeled "Test" (from when someone would be doing their first Scope). *Update -- see below comments -- yes, you can turn off notifications, but even if I had known that (because I did NOT know that) I doubt I would have turned them off. I actually enjoyed scopes from Lion Country Safari and PenguinSix and wouldn't have wanted to miss them.

2. It felt like I couldn't find my footing. I did have my largest amount of hearts broadcasting from a beach sunrise on Miami Beach, because the Miami name gets automatic recognition. I don't live in Miami, and most people (unfortunately) don't recognize Palm Beach as quickly as they would Miami. I am working to change that now in my current role as PR Manager for Discover The Palm Beaches, the official tourism marketing organization for Palm Beach County... but I also wanted to try doing more than beach Scoping.

I tried doing a makeup tutorial, because I love doing those on my YouTube channel and they are well-received, but that flopped (and a Hater/Troll called me "ugly!" I told him his spirit was ugly, and he actually agreed with me, bless his heart-- he needs prayer). I tried doing a Scope after a church service where I play, and the singer sang "Ave Maria" while I accompanied her-- that actually had a crazy-high retention rate, but only 11 total live viewers. Well, come on, now, we're giving you a concert experience! A little bit frustrating trying to figure out a niche.

3. The main reason is because it started becoming WORK. It was fun at first, but after a few days, I realized I was broadcasting just to broadcast and get hearts. Felt like I was losing my soul, haha! Ok, that's overdramatic, and not really -- but I did feel like I was not paying attention to the location where I was actually standing, because I was staring at my screen and responding to comments and questions. It took away my enjoyment of what I was doing.

When I was Scoping, I felt like I was reporting live, even if it was on the beach. For perspective --the first time I did a beach liveshot at Bathtub Beach on Hutchinson Island, I felt so thrilled. Then when the night wore on, I was like, "I'm WORKING at the beach. Who am I kidding? This ain't fun." That's how I started feeling about Periscope.

When I was snorkeling and doing those broadcasts, my friends with me were having good times, admiring the sealife. But there I was, chugging along, holding my phone up and down, above and below the water... trying to squint to read the screen in the bright sunlight... there in body, but not in spirit. So it was like a huge wakeup call, and one of the last Periscopes that I have done.

Well, at least THEY were having fun that day...

I realize that it's a hot trend right now to Scope, and some of my blogger friends like Nicole at One Picky Chick and Lauren at Working Mom Magic are doing a #SeptemberScopers challenge. I am all about supporting them, and if you want to watch some cool ladies do their thing broadcasting, this is the group to follow.

But having written all of that, let me just say that I do not regret deleting the app from my phone. I re-installed it temporarily, just for this blogpost so I could screenshot some of the images on my profile, and my phone started crazy buzzing again with all the people Scoping. It was a reminder of why I was just DONE with it... at least for now. Will I ever Scope again? Maybe! Only time will tell... and you will have to stay tuned and follow me on Twitter to find out!


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! Great points and basically why I think I'm gonna stay away from this one. I can barely do what I want to do with my blog and social's so much WORK!!!

    1. You would do excellently with Periscope if you did try it-- but for me, it was just a hot mess, LOL!

  2. You can turn off notifications. :) I am doing the daily challenge right now.. but I think after this month I will just scope as needed. i really love it. I think you may have burned yourself out! :)

    1. I'm so happy you (and a ton of others) love Periscope, and I agree with you-- I did too much too soon, and burned myself out. :( I DID NOT KNOW you could turn off notifications, but even if I did know I bet I would not have turned them off. There were actually a couple of Scopers that I enjoyed watching, seriously like Lion Country Safari and PenguinSix... but the rest were just white noise to me.

    2. haha yes well if you ever come back to the scope-side.. just go to your phone settings and find the app there and that is how you can turn it off. :)

    3. Why are you SO SMART, Lauren?! LOL :) Thank you!

  3. I'm glad others said it, too, that you can turn off notifications. I've also had to do that. It was going off all hours of the day and night. However I will say it is fun scoping especially since that's what we used to do but it does take work. That's why when we were at Disney is past weekend, we didn't scope. I wanted to experience these magical moments with our kids.

    1. That is the perfect balance that you have found -- my brain immediately thought, "A Disney Scope would get tons of hearts!" See how I'm messed up now? LOL!

  4. thanks for the shout out lady --- and i feel ya, i'm already feeling the whole "job" thing of it... especially since we're doing it DAILY! it's really hard trying to keep up with it. i can totally see getting burned out... but for now i'll keep plugging away. in october, i'll only do scopes only to coincide with my blog. i think...

    1. The challenge y'all are participating in is an EXCELLENT idea, and I think if you keep them short you won't get as burned out. :) But I did too much too soon and felt like I was crashing, ya know?

  5. As Lauren said, we all turn the notifications off. I also always use periscope as a Marketing tool to drive business to whatever I need to promote. Plus you really CAN make $$ using it. It's all in perception! You WOULD be a natural, I would have LOVED to have seen Scopes on the products you sell. How you use them, what benefits etc. Food for thought! Love watching your You TUBE's though!

  6. It sounds so good !!! But I am trying to live in the present without distractions and I honestly think this would totally mess that up, especially as I get addicted to things so quickly !! haha. Sounds like the snorkelling one would have been great to watch though!