Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New 3D touch for the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus! I'm sooo gonna buy the iPhone 6s in rose gold...

Was anyone else looking forward to the #AppleEvent as much as I have been? I have an Apple iPhone 5s that's been trucking along for a while, but the battery has been dying so quickly lately. I literally own five separate mobile power charges (two mophie battery pack cases, a Kujian 5s5c2 Slim Rechargeable Case and a mophie powerstation (4,000mAh) - Black_).

During the Apple Event, they announced a new Apple TV... I already have one, so don't feel a desire to get a new one despite all the fancy updates. But my heart actually did a little leap when they announced that they have a new iPhone!

The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus will offer 3D Touch technology (instead of Force Touch), which will allow you to apply multiple levels of pressure. They are also introducing a new co-processor which can help keep track of data for health and fitness. It also includes a new second generation touch ID sensor, which will recognize your fingerprint twice as quickly. Love the idea of what it does for your social media...

Most exciting for me, it offers an even sharper camera! So happy about that! The all-new iSight camera will be 12MP, which is 50% more pixels than before. Tremendous increase in details in your photos, without trading off the image quality. YAY!

I'm a photographer, and I am loving the photo samples taken with these phones. Nice low noise photos!!! MOST EXCITED ABOUT THE 4K VIDEOS!! Higher degree of details with 8 million pixels in every frame. The video demo that they showed was shot on the phone and then edited in the iMovie app.

Also love the 5MP Facetime front-facing camera -- better selfies, LOL! When I shot some of my CruzTube videos on my iPhone (like this one and this one), it had trouble with some of the lighting... so hopefully that problem will go away.

They introduced new technology called "Live Photos." Your photos move now!!!!! WHOA! Love that you can touch the image and it shows some captured videos. These live photos can also have sound. That's AMAZING, people, just amazing. You just take the photo as you always have, and it has a new icon at the top of three concentric circles, and it's on by default. You get a small indicator that it is "live" -- it extends the captured moment. You can also set a live photo on your Apple Watch face.

It will cost you the exact same price and configurations as the previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models! Nice!! iphone 6s starts at $199 and iPhone 6s Plus starts at $299.

Apple retail stores will offer the iPhone Upgrade Program. You can get a new iphone every year, choose your carrier and it starts at just $32 a month.

Do you plan to get one of the newest phones, or the new iPad Pro or the new Apple TV? Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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