Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Zippy," my smart car, is representing! #SmartCarLove

I have been driving my smart car ForTwo Passion Cabriolet since my mom and I picked it out brand new in 2009. I remember the first time I drove it to work, back in my morning anchor days at KTVE in Monroe, Louisiana. The morning show's meteorologist at the time, Jarod Floyd (who's actually now anchoring there), teased me, "You do realize you're driving a roller skate?" I recall how the engineers were SO EXCITED about my smart car. They really wanted to take it apart, LOL!

After we bought it, I nicknamed it Zippy. I still love driving my smart. It's small and easy to park, plus it's a convertible-- so it works out well for sunny South Florida. Also, I truly believe people are nicer to me on the road!

It actually costs about half the amount in gas that it takes when I drive my husband's Chevy Captiva Sport (like a small SUV). Although I wish Zippy had cruise control, I think it's great for any drive that's an hour or less. I joke that it's the more affordable version of a Mercedes-Benz, since the company manufactures smarts.

I was proud to be featured by the Palm Beach Post in this article: "Driving Smart and Helping Animals," in which I talked about how I first came to own my smart car. I tweeted that article with a shout-out to smart USA, and the next thing I knew-- the company contacted me and asked if I would like to be featured in the "owners stories" on their website. 

Of course I said yes-- I really do love the car! So this is what you see when you click the smart USA website's owner stories section.  

This opportunity also allows me to promote my employer, the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, and our carbon fuel reduction initiative. This photo featured on the smart car website was actually taken INSIDE the Zoo in our Tropics of the Americas section.

We have been encouraged to commute to work through carpooling, biking, walking, etc. Zippy and I have driven a zookeeper and another coworker to work. Our overall Zoo goal is to reduce our harmful emissions, and we have collectively saved more than 785 gallons of fuel, traveled more than 4,000 miles without using any fuel at all, and made more than 2851 eco-friendly acts. I am glad that as a vehicle, Zippy is ahead of the curve in saving gas!

I tweet about Zippy all the time, having fun and posting where I park easily, or if I'm having an adventure.

I'm definitely looking forward to many more adventures and miles driven in my mostest-favoritest car ever! YAY ZIPPY!!!

Palm Beach'in' it


  1. Replies
    1. Constance, "Zippy" says "THANK YOU!" :)

  2. I seriously am looking for a new car right now. but i will be driving the complete OPPOSITE CAR! you're a much better person than me!

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