Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My friend bought me a Lilly!

Although I agree that "it is more blessed to give than receive," it's undeniable that getting a gift can feel great. That was proven to me today, when I was over the moon for a super-thoughtful present from one of the nicest people ever.


Here is my reaction face, after immediately putting it on... I literally could not even wait to go upstairs to try it!

Now Mogwai's Lilly collar can match at least ONE of my outfits! He fully approves. Too bad he sat on the dress and I had to shoo him off. "Don't you dare get dog hair on the Lilly! No treats for you if you do!"

Rikki Klaus is a friend I count myself lucky to have, who has been a great role model for me with her kind spirit and positive attitude, even when she faces adversity. I'm proud of her -- I literally just wrote then deleted an entire paragraph about how amazing of a person she is, and this post is supposed to be about her gift instead of her resume, LOL. Although I do want to mention that she is currently reporting and even anchoring in a top 20 news market... I just have to leave that in. 'Cuz that's a big deal, y'all. :) 

And WHAT a gift she blessed me with! As much as I love Lilly Pulitzer style, I have never purchased a "Lilly" (iconic shift dress) because I just couldn't justify the cost. "Children are still starving in the Philippines, so my money would be better spent on them," I would rationalize, despite the secret hankering to wear one of those dresses so I could pretend to be an affluent Palm Beach socialite, just like Lilly Pulitzer herself. 

I could go on and on, but I do want to say that it's not about the actual gift-- though goodness knows it's obvious that I adore it and am super-excited for it. What overwhelmed me was that the extravagant, sweet gesture was so well-thought out. Rikki and I have had many discussions about how much we love Lilly, and she even kindly stopped me from purchasing a yellow Lilly at a gently-used shop because it was too snug ("I'm a size 8! No, really, the 8 fits! Um, I'll breathe later..."). She knows how much I enjoy the designs, but she is also aware that I'm highly unlikely to get my own. So the fact that she got me this present just makes me beyond grateful!

Rikki does everything with flair, even just writing a simple note, and gift-giving is no exception. Last year, I was also so happy because she got me a book I had been admiring, as well as other books that were clearly targeted toward my interests, PLUS a peplum shirt that I still wear to this day. I always tell her how much I like peplums, so she paid attention and remembered that. She obviously puts so much thought and love into her presents, and that can't be measured by a price tag.

I am just glad and grateful that she is my friend, I would never need any gift other than that. But I will admit -- you can expect to see me wearing this dress in some future #LillySelfies. :)


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