Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lake Worth Beach and a beach wedding

I'm understandably obsessed with beaches, since I live near what I believe are some of the prettiest Florida beaches around. I am a #waterbaby and I first and foremost appreciate beautiful water! Although I admire the white sugar-sand beaches of Pensacola and the West Coast of Florida, NOTHING compares to the gorgeous ocean on this East Coast, IMHO.

Lake Worth Beach -- notice the restaurant on the pier!

Lake Worth beach is my new discovery! I first went to the charming Lake Avenue a couple of weeks ago when I had to go to the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County's headquarters for work. I was amazed at the beachy Main Street vibe, much like a mini-Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach a bit more south. So I knew I had to explore the beach...

My husband Nathan and I went there this weekend, and we enjoyed ourselves. Parking was reasonable, although I do prefer the free parking at Riviera Beach (we always go to the Two Drunken Goats strip mall there). I did like that it was a shorter walk to the beach in Lake Worth compared to Riviera, and I loved that there is an even better strip mall with a Mulligan's restaurant and a KILWIN'S ice cream shop! Yes, I did get a scoop of cookie dough ice cream after the hot beach. :)

The Lake Worth Casino is right there, and the pier has a restaurant on it. #Bonus

Best of all, we saw the setup of a beach wedding! So much fun!

I may have snapped a few photos while nonchalantly pretending to just walk by...
Very nice, very nice! They were lucky it wasn't raining, you know how hit-or-miss our forecast can be!
The DJ was already putting out good tunes...
I admit I took this bridesmaids photo while they weren't looking because I adored the seafoam-green, mint color palette they were working with. I almost snapped a photo when all 4 bridesmaids were together, but that would have been super-obvious and they would have known for sure that I'm cray-cray and nosy. Only you readers know that about me. ;)

While I was out in the water, I had my goggles on and I saw a BIG OL' FISH that made me jump and scream. Nathan flopped back because of my reaction. I'm told it was a tarpon (see below what popped up when I Googled tarpon-- looks about right), but whatever it was, I SWAM AWAY. 

Scary big fish or no, I will definitely plan to return to Lake Worth Beach. I also see they have beach yoga there! I SO plan to try that one day! Here's the website for I Love Beach Yoga.

I stole this photo from this webcam link.

Oooh, you know you wanna go! :) Note to self: invest in a better beach umbrella. Had to chase mine down once when it blew away, then I had to sit there all ghetto-fied and HOLD IT the whole time I was sitting under it. Rachet beach gear... But my friend Julia was right-- she wrote on Facebook, "Nobody feels sorry for you, you're ON THE BEACH!" #TrueThat #NoComplaintsAllowedOnTheSand

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