Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busy week! TV appearance & weekend fun around South Florida

It's been busy ever since I last blogged... and I do intend to do a follow-up post about my husband's infamous Mardi Gras birthday party. :) Better late than never! I have all those pictures to upload!

Meantime, this is one look I felt like posting because I am a huge fan of this boyfriend blazer. You may notice me wearing it a LOT-- and it was from WALMART! I should have bought it in black, LOL, as frequently as I wear it!

I like this shirt, b/c it has a giraffe on it
Lip shade is a combination of LancĂ´me L'Absolu Rouge in Coquette, and Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mint Mentha lip gloss

This is what I wore when I was on The List TV Show on Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday, making this king cake.

You can watch the segment The List TV Show segment HERE!

Now on to another topic... weekend fun around South Florida! My husband and I love to be tourists around where we live in Palm Beach County. This past weekend, we did the Diva Duck tour that is on land and water, based out of City Place. It was $54 total, and SO worth it. I described it on my Facebook page as "cheesy, but fun," and that's exactly what it was-- complete with interesting history, looks at mansions belonging to the likes of Celine Dion and Elizabeth Post's granddaughter, and chock full of "ducky" jokes that had me "quacking" up. ;) I couldn't resist.

Two weekends ago (yes, I'm playing catch-up) we went to our favorite beach spot-- Riviera Beach's Singer Island. That's where we snorkel. But the reason I love the beach spot there is because parking is free, and especially because there is that little strip-mall type place that has several restaurants like Two Drunken Goats and Johnny Longboat's, and even a 7-11 and a beach-stuff store. 

We beach it up every weekend! This is Riviera Beach's Singer Island

It is also just down the road from our favorite snorkel spot, Phil Foster Park at the Blue Heron Bridge that has the awesome snorkel trail. I just love love love going there-- but I am going to hold off a few more weeks because the water has been cold lately. I'm so over it right now! Bring on the warmer water!

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