Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ladies' Lunch, and Paleo-ish dieting adventures

This has been such a great month for me, I've been bubbling over with happiness. There's no other way to put it, and I am aware that it sounds cheesy and silly... but I'm full of joy. No explanation-- I didn't get a raise, I'm not preggers, I haven't won the lottery or anything-- just JOY over living in a beautiful place, surrounded by good people who make me happy, with a fulfilling career and a wonderful husband and sweet dog, along with a home (albeit rented) that's in an amazing community.

One good aspect of today was "lunch with the ladies" Michelle, Maria and Lauren at Field of Greens on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. OBSESSED-MUCH!! My favorite lunch spot!

L to R: Me, Lauren, Maria and Michelle

I can't get enough of their salads, which is saying something because those salads are HUGE. I love the "Create your own" deal for $7.95. I get a hard-boiled egg on mine for protein, and I love choosing different veggies and some of their delicious dressing. I also love their cucumber-infused water, on tap at the side of the restaurant.

This time, though, I got the Classic Cobb salad, because I was craving avocado and chicken. I love the Gorgonzola cheese for that added flavor.

Field of Greens Classic Cobb Salad, to-go... nom nom nom

This is the restaurant Michelle and I love to hit up during lunchtime and take wheatgrass shots. She was bold today, and drank hers DOWN. You go, girl! I love how the servers hand the shot to you with two slices of orange, to chase down the grass taste. So helpful. :) 

I guess people have discovered my secret, because that restaurant was packed for lunch and the line was almost to the door. At least the service was still great, although Michelle did have to wait a few minutes for her wheatgrass. Understandable, because the demand is HIGH now.


Today, I decided I would give it a try eating Paleo-ish. I had a green smoothie for breakfast with green tea afterwards instead of coffee, the Field of Greens Classic Cobb salad for lunch (although the cheese and dressing were not Paleo), and an apple plus some homemade Chocolate "Crack" which is really just a combination of cocoa powder, stevia and coconut oil. Dinner was another salad of mixed greens with Standard Egg Salad on top.

Now, I'm chowing on a delicious recipe I found of a Cinnamon-Apple 2-Minute Mug Cake from The Paleo Mom. I replaced honey with agave nectar since I didn't have honey-- plus it gives me too much energy this late in the evening (it's past 8pm as I type this). I also replaced the walnuts with pecans, because, again, that's all I had. The final result was truly DELICIOUS!

My ground-up almonds made almond flour in my Magic Bullet blender

Here's what it looked like dumped out of the mug onto a plate after microwaving

Topped it with Go Veggie cream-cheese alternative, sugar free blueberry preserves-- BLISS!!!

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