Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I met "Jungle Jack" Hanna at work! MAC lipstick and lip gloss/lip glass

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to "Jungle Jack" Hanna, TV host and author, zookeeper, animal advocate, conservationist, etc.

With "Jungle Jack" and Callie and Maura, two zookeepers I work with

He spoke eloquently about zoo life today, and how zoos are meant to be "for the people." Well, obviously for the animals, too, but I knew what he meant-- we really have to reach people to make an impact on them.

In other fun career news, I finally have been adding text to photos lately to post on the social media of the zoo I work for. I came up with the below gem that I'm particularly loving... it shows off our adorable baby tapir calf, who looks crazy-cute in almost every single photo I take of her!

Beauty stuff: I am full-on obsessed with a gift sent to me by my mentor and friend, Farrah. 

I stole your Facebook profile pic, Farrah! 'Cuz it's so pretty :) 

She sent me a baggie full of MAC empty compacts, and said that if you turn them in to be recycled at a local MAC beauty counter, they will give you a free lipstick of your choice for every six empty primary packaging containers! It's part of their Back to M.A.C. program. I love how they are thanking customers for going green.

Green is beautiful!! So is my new favorite "nude lip" combo of MAC Faux satin lipstick topped with Viva Glam Lipglass. I texted Farrah that I was totally using the two products she sent to be recycled as newbies to me, LOL! I know, kinda gross to be using my friend's lipsticks, but I wiped 'em off first. Does that count as cleaner? It doesn't? Oh well, just call me a beauty recycler. ;) 

Wearing my new "nude lip" faves... thanks, Farrah!
MAC satin lipstick in "Faux" -- almost all gone! I will dig it out to make the most of it!
#NoShame #WasteNotWantNot
And MAC LipGlass in "Viva Glam"

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