Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Baby Lips, and Goodwill awesome finds

Sooo... yesterday, I bought FOUR new shades from Maybelline's Baby Lips line, over which so many women rave. I have one from the Electro Shock line in Pink Shock, and I don't really like it that much. It's just too neon for me (hello, the 80's called and want their lipstick back!).

Unfortunately, purchasing all of those Baby Lips was a FAIL for the most part because now four out of the five Baby Lips I have-- I don't like. The silver lining is that one, the Pink Punch shade shown on my lips above, is fine and smells good. I like how it's a pinky shade that is flattering for my skin tone. Not like classy-pale pink, like Mac's Angel or what you typically see Kim Kardashian sporting, but a fun, rich and creamy pink.

(CruzTube video coming reviewing/swatching all of the Baby Lips shades!)

I do admit that I plan to return the other Baby Lips. I know, I know, I used to always keep the makeup that I don't like-- but I am over that now. Maybelline will NOT be hurting from my four lip products returned, and I have given them so much of my money over the years that I figure I'm due some back from products that really don't work for me. 

Ulta Bathrobe, only $6 at Goodwill!

In other news, I did an amazing Goodwill shopping spree yesterday! For less than $50, I bought a rain coat, long black nightgown (that I wanted to turn into a Harry Potter robe for my husband to wear but it HILARIOUSLY did not work! way too feminine and I was cracking up laughing at how dumb he looked), the Ulta bathrobe shown above (so warm and fuzzy), an amazing white lace strapless Banana Republic dress in SIZE 4 (hello, I am a size 12! What was I thinking? Maybe one day and it was only $7!), an awesome brown flattering polka dot dress in the correct size for me, some brown Steve Madden metallic wedges and -- DRUMROLL -- a puppy purse for Mogwai, my white Pekingese! 

Mogwai, AKA "Mugsy Bogues"

Mogwai has his own Facebook page (click HERE to go to his fan page). You will see a video of him climbing in the purse, which originally was $65, still had the brand-new tags on it, and is EXACTLY what I would have picked out and paid full price for at a store, down to the fabric, color, style and everything! So happy. :)


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