Thursday, March 26, 2015

Affordable dupes for NARS Orgasm blush! Two cheaper options that work

Do you love the universally-flattering NARS Orgasm blush, but hate the $30 price tag? My video features two options that are way more affordable. One is even dirt cheap, and it's my favorite!

            *Flatters most (although not all) skin tones
            *Finely milled allows for easy, smooth application (good quality product)
            *Can be considered a highlighting blush since the golden flecks are so shimmery
Cons –
            *High-end price may not be affordable for everyone
            *Shimmer is just a little too much for my taste, it made me look a little oily which I try to avoid since my skin is oily

            *Affordable (less than $10)
Cons –
            *I thought it was too orange-y

            *Cheapest price at only $3!
            *Subtle, peachy shade gives you what I think is just the right amount of glow
            *Bronzer comes with it J
Cons –

            *May not be enough of a pop on your cheeks for some people’s preference

Wrap-up: I believe these two blushes are effective, although not exact, dupes. NARS Orgasm is the best of the three in terms of quality... I've had the NARS before, and it lasted FOREVER, much longer than the ELF blush/bronzer duo. That was probably because I have to use more of the cheaper product to get it to show.

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