Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jungle Island

I totally got to feed a red kangaroo today. I also met a white tiger and white-handed gibbons-- all of this, and so much more, at Jungle Island in Miami! That was the location of the 2015 Attraction Regional Forums presented by the Florida Attraction Association. Since I work for the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, obviously I love animals -- and our zoo is an attraction -- so our marketing department (Marketing Mgr. Claudia Harden, Events Mgr. Ron Brooks and me) attended. #RoadTrip

The actual forum was fun, but the MOSTEST BESTEST PART was the Jungle Island tour! You can contact a large variety of the animals... At the zoo where I work, we are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, so there are a lot of strict regulations we follow. The good news for my Zoo is we do now offer several animal meet-and-greet-up-close experiences that you can add on to your day! And on February 13th we will even offer a KOALA EXPERIENCE! Check out the animals you can meet at our Zoo -

Meantime, back to Miami...

I'm holding a blue and gold macaw

Yes, there's a lemur on my head.
...and that's a baby kangaroo. Joey alert!
An adult red kangaroo.
We do have a red kangaroo and an elderly giant Aldabra tortoise at my zoo. This tortoise is 100 years old! Well, allegedly.  ;)
White tiger! Don't let him know he has a genetic mutationl. He can't help it. ;)
I was so interested in the white-handed gibbons because they kept swinging and swinging and swinging! They were so active in their habitats.
I also loved the orangutans! This is Peanut. She hasn't learned how to sit like a proper lady, LOL! Just kidding... But she is the first orang to survive a human chemotherapy treatment. She has been cancer-free for more than a year now! Celebrate survival, Peanut!
Jungle Island even has their own private beach. 
My favorite part of our visit, hands down, was the Lemur Experience. I absolutely recommend that!
Let me know if you've ever been, or plan to go! #LemurLove

Click HERE to watch my Lemur Experience video!

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