Monday, January 26, 2015

3 reasons to visit the South Florida Fair

When you think of your local fair, do you think of rides, games for prizes, entertainment? At the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, you have all of those options. Here are three reasons why I think it is worth your while to go:

1. The fun -- It's almost impossible not to have a good time at your local fair! And I gotta admit, with our cooler temperatures this week, the weather is totally cooperating.
2. The food -- Originally I was going to make this blog primarily food-focused. You will notice most photos are all about the grub!
3. The entertainment -- This one is definitely my favorite. I was SO IMPRESSED with the entertainment at the fair, especially Las Vegas on Ice!
About to ride the double ferris wheel...
Awesome dance group TURNT UP FOR WHAT!
South Florida mini-railroad group
The line for the kettle corn was SERIOUS...
Speaking of corn, I LOVE corn on the cob with cayenne pepper!
 Chicken and waffles, y'all!
 Nathan decided on the half-pound burger and fries with cheese
He said, "You know it's good when it's four napkins down, plus the wrapper, and you still see grease!"
 I'm a carnivore! That looks good!
Willy Wonka ain't got nothin' on the fair
So this gentleman, named Eugene, said he's been working this "Krispy Kreme doughnut burger" booth for seven years now. "After you eat about 20 of these, you don't want them any more," he explained. Well, I can't imagine eating 20 of them, but I definitely was drooling over one!
I ate the entire doughnut burger!!! But I did not get any fried Oreos afterwards because my burger was made with TWO DONUTS. Last year, it was only one donut sliced for the bread. I just think two doughnuts was a bit much, haha! JUST A BIT! ;) 
Deep fried mac and cheese 
 The rides didn't tempt me that much, because they don't seem that safe-- but I admit that kind of adds to the THRILL of them!
 The only ride we rode was the double ferris wheel and it was super fun! Check out that view...
 My absolute favorite thing about the fair was "Las Vegas on Ice!"
 This ice skating troupe was so talented
 When the aerialist came out, I was like, "This is like Cirque de Soleil!"
 With the "ringmaster" ice skater
 Elvis impersonator-- can you tell this year's theme is Las Vegas?!
 Awesome sand sculpture! SO HUGE! This is a panoramic photo
 Elvis traveling museum showed some of The King of Rock n' Roll's costumes
 And his bike
 Hypnosis show was funny as you can expect
 I also appreciated that the Palm Beach Post's display gave a plug for our Palm Beach Zoo Florida panther, Mirasol! Thanks for the #ZooLove
I highly, highly, HIGHLY encourage you to check out the fair while it's still in town. It's worth the visit!!

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