Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fiber mascaras - they are NOT created equal

So many people have been posting on Facebook about Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique, that I went ahead and bought some of my own and did this video review about a $5.95 version of fiber lashes.

I was a fan of the product, and I preached about how much money I was saving using that mascara instead of the more popular, expensive product by Younique. But when a high school band buddy, Jessica Sisk (a Younique representative), sent me some of the fiber lashes for free, I was curious how they would compare.

I started using them and was impressed-- there's really no comparison between the cheaper version and the Younique product. The Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes gave me a much more fuller set of lashes. I like the cheaper product more than regular mascara because it gives you LENGTH, but I love the Younique mascara more than the cheaper fiber mascara because they give you VOLUME AND LENGTH. Does that make sense?

Regular mascara = good, better than lashes with no mascara
Cheaper fiber lashes = much better than regular mascara
Younique 3D lashes = MUCH better than the cheaper fiber lashes

Now I've done a video review/demo of the Younique fiber lashes with my mom as the model, since she has Asian lashes that are short, sparse and straight. They are the most difficult natural lashes to show up. Since the Younique made her lashes look so much better, you can clearly see the impact they have in the video... and notice my lashes in the video, I'm wearing Younique and I am obsessed with how good and thick they look. The product also helps your lashes hold curl, which is great for me since I'm half-Asian and my lashes grow straight. 

One last note -- I recommend using Rapid Lash to grow out your lashes. That's why mine are so long. I bought Rapid Lash at Bed, Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon there or you can also order it on Amazon. Thanks for reading!


  1. i think i may have to try rapid lash… thanks for the info!

    1. Nicole, I used Rapid Lash every night to grow my lashes and it took a few weeks to notice a difference... but they are noticeably longer. :) Then you just have to use it 2-3 times a week to maintain! I just recommend using the 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond, LOL.