Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you Kangoo?

Thanks to my zookeeper friend Melissa, Cheeky Fitness studio was on my radar because they offer a variety of cool, creative fitness classes (pole dancing, anyone?! LOL).

Ready to burn some calories!
The boots latch up like rollerblades

I think this class is not for the faint of heart, but the class leader Michelle said you can go at your own pace... just march in place if you're a wimp like I am. I was like, "Everyone else knows *GASP* all the routines *GASP* already!" But some of the participants said you just have to start with one class, and work your way up to learning the movements. I kept telling myself that nobody was laughing at my beginner attempts to Kangoo.  :)

The two things I liked best about the class: 
1. The music keeps it fun. It's like a spin class-- you feel the energy from the participants around you while you are all jumping around to the beat! 
2. Rebounding on these special boots absorbs the impact on your joints. Normally after I run, my left knee will bother me. That was not a problem at all with this class.

 Ponytails flying... and so are the kangoo'ers!
Not to be confused with kangaroos.

I went to the class to tag along with FOX 29's Rachel Leigh, who did this awesome "Rock Solid" segment along with T.A. Walker from KOOL 105.5. 

Rather than explain what it's like, I'll let the video do the talking for me.

Notice how everyone is trim and toned.
Probably not a coincidence! This class WORKS YOU.

If you mention "Rock Solid" to Cheeky Fitness, you can take a complimentary Kangoo class there. Happy jumping!

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