Friday, June 6, 2014

Jupiter Inlet Colony, Snorkeling at the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach

What a fabulous Florida day I had the privilege of experiencing today! Next week marks TWO YEARS that my husband Nathan and I have lived in the Sunshine State. WE LOVE IT!!!

Today for work, I interviewed the mayor of the Jupiter Inlet Colony, Dr. Dan Comerford, along with his wife, Kathie. The Comerfords are long-standing board members with the zoo I work for, and I'm working on a video where board members discuss the zoo's history. Ms. Kathie used to go on WPTV with animals back in the day!

Kathie Comerford and her toucan, Tootsy

After the interview, Ms. Kathie graciously treated me to lunch at the Lighthouse Diner in Jupiter, which recently re-opened for business. It was a landmark back in its day, nestled across the street from the actual Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Then we went to the Jupiter Inlet Colony Beach Club!

So fun and retro, right?!

Crazy-delicious avocado salad with shrimp and avocado dressing

Throwback feel to the layout, and delicious yumminess on display

We took a joyride in her canary-yellow Porsche

Beach Club

The photos on the beach club's walls were taken by Ms. Kathie

Obsessed with the underwater photography!

Second-floor view of the ocean and Jupiter Inlet

The water was sooo clear! I could see a parrotfish straight through the crystal-clear surface

After work, I met up with Nathan, and we went to the Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park for some snorkeling. High tide was late in the afternoon, and we arrived just in time to experience the BEST VISIBILITY we have ever seen there! And we snorkel there tons, like at least a couple of times a month.

We think the cloudless sky helped contribute to the clarity

Sorry my underwater camera is not really meant to be underwater, I just got a waterproof case for my CoolPix cam and you can tell it doesn't work that well

Love the queen angelfish

Nathan found litter in the water-- a La Croix box with those plastic six-pack rings, which can be FATAL to marine life! He took it all out of the water, saying, "I'm doing my part." 

Proud my husband is protecting wildlife!

We saw a huge stingray (we always see at least one ray, whether it be common or spotted eagle or round fantail), but it swam away too fast for me to get a photo. However, this stingray here was so calm and let me get up close to her many times to snap photos, and even capture this video. I named her "Tricia" after the stingray we met in April in Turks & Caicos-- you can read about that trip in this blog post.

I was testing waterproof makeup, and am sorry to report that all of it failed except the waterproof mascara, Mega Plump by Maybelline. Oh, well. 

Lovely snorkel mask indentation in my forehead

To wrap up the great day, we hit up Clematis Street in Downtown, known as the "historical heart of West Palm Beach." Some bill it as the "hottest street in Florida," but anyone who's ever been to Miami knows that's not necessarily true, LOL. ;) Still, we dined at Off The Hookah, and the food was sooo delicious! They recently revamped their menu. I highly recommend the ahi tuna appetizer!

We walked along the waterfront pier after it all, where we ended up chatting and making friends with a family from the Bahamas and a couple from New Zealand. Interesting conversations ensued. Then I snapped this pic to commemorate the West Palm Beach night skyline... a beautiful way to end a fabulous Florida day.

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