Thursday, May 29, 2014

New CruzTube beauty video: Mai Couture papiers review/demo/first impressions

Check out my demo of the Mai Couture papiers by clicking HERE! These little pieces of paper are like a kit of makeup in just your wallet-- just add eye makeup and lip gloss. I review the foundation powder, highlighter, blush, 2-1 oil blotting/bronzer, and I show the lavender oil-blotting papiers, although I didn't use them in this video.

They are now part of my to-go travel makeup kit, which I have tried to make minimalistic... goodness knows I'm always traveling, and I need toiletries to be convenient and take up very little room.

*Ease of application
*They are paper from pulp, therefore it's RECYCLABLE! Eco-friendly beauty! #GoGreen
*I got lucky and bought all of them half-off! (Dillard's "Edge" cosmetics)

*I got mega-oily, although I did use an ELF mineral primer. I had to use blotting papers three or four times today, versus once or twice during a typical day.

I'll try them next time with a Rimmel Stay Matte primer, and see if that helps. I'll also try to do a layer of MAC powder on top to see if that cuts down on the shine... but the whole reason I purchased them is to reduce the amount of products I have to bring when I'm traveling.

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